The Museum of Northern Arizona houses over 600,000 artifacts in its permanent collections of  anthropology, biology, geology, and fine arts; extensive federal and tribal research collections; and significant library and archival collections.

The primary location for MNA collections is the Easton Collection Center, which opened in 2009. This award winning, LEED Platinum, building provides an optimum environment for the storage of items which are entrusted to MNA's care.


The Anthropology Collection is subdivided into Ethnographic (historic Native American) and Prehistoric Collections.  The Ethnographic Collections contain significant holdings of baskets, katsina dolls, jewelry, and Hopi and Navajo textiles.  Smaller collections represent the material culture of the Apache, Zuni, and Pai.

The Prehistoric Collections focus on the ancient Puebloan cultures and include sandals, arrow points, ceramic vessels, and many other types of artifacts of the Colorado Plateau.

Cultural Resource Services

The Biology Collection features the Walter B. McDougall Herbarium of plant specimens from northern Arizona as well as insect, fish, reptile, bird, and mammal specimens from the area.

Fine Art
The Fine Art Collection is comprised of sculptures, etchings, and paintings. Highlights of the collection include paintings by Museum cofounder Mary-Russell Ferrell Colton as well as works by young Native American artists, many of whom have become renowned artists during their adult lives.  (Mrs. Colton was one of the "Philadelphia Ten.")

The Geology Collection illustrates every geologic period of the Colorado Plateau with dinosaur, reptile, mammal, plant fossil, mineral, and rock specimens.

Library The Harold S. Colton Memorial Library houses books, periodicals and manuscript holdings to serve the needs of researchers.

Collection Tours Monthly tours of the MNA collections are conducted by the Collections Department staff.  Tours are free for MNA members. Advanced registration is required. Tour schedule and details are available here.
For More
For more information on the Anthropology, please contact Kathleen Dougherty at or 928-774-5211 x263.

For more information on Fine Arts or other collections, please contact Elaine Hughes at or 928-774-5211 ext 228.

For more information about the Biology or Geology Collections, please contact Janet Gillette at or 928-774-5211 ext 265.

(MNA does not appraise objects. Elaine Hughes can provide a list of appraisers, which can also be found in any phone directory.)

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